Soup & salad lunch – $1.05

soup and salad

  • 10.5 oz. bowl of soup
  • Wedge salad with cheese and dressing
  • Slice of bread
  • cookie
  • Glass of iced tea

Smart-shopping cost = 1.05¢

50¢ for Walmart 10.5 oz can of soup*

25¢ for 1/4 head of lettuce

10¢ cheese

10¢ salad dressing

3¢ slice of bread (Kroger manager’s special at 50¢ loaf)

3¢ cookie

Iced tea = 5¢ for 12 oz. glass

*The inexpensive soup is usually cream soup (not the chunky soup pictured here). I also got Kroger onion soup mix for .39 for two packets that make four cups each (2 bowls per packet or for cups), bringing the price of soup down to 10¢ for this deal and 75¢ for the whole meal. This was a one-time closeout, but you can see that every week, there are new deals.

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