Pizza lunch – 55¢ – $1.20

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These pre-pandemic prices are out of date. So, why leave them up. Because this website is not about these prices – it’s about HOW you get very low prices.

The percentage discount you’ll get following these Smart Shopping concepts is the same, however, during this time of inflation. For example, I get Red Baron pizzas for $2.99 instead of $5.99 every six weeks or so. THAT’s what you’re supposed to learn from this site.

So, while you can’t get this pizza meal for 51 cents anymore (compared to the $2.00 price back then), you can now get it for $1 (compared to the $4.00 price today). Get it?

Pizza and soda

  • 1/2, 12″ veggie pizza (600 calories)
  • glass of soda

Pizza, salad, milk

  • 1/2, 12″ veggie pizza (600 calories)
  • Salad with dressing
  • 12 oz. milk

60¢ to $1.10 – 1/2 a pizza (home made vs. Tombstone Publix BOGO)

20¢ – salad

18¢ – Soda

19¢ – 12 oz. glass of milk

5¢ – iced tea

UPDATE – Jan. 2022: The cheapest I’m finding pizzas are BOGOs at Publix, for about $2 each (Tombstone), making a half-serving (4 slices) $1 instead of .50¢. Still, a cheap meal. If you do two slices with a salad and a 12-oz. drink, that’s still about 55¢ (iced tea) or 70¢ (soda). Even four slices and a soda is about $1.05 – $1.20. Think about what you’d pay at a pizza place for just the soda alone!

*I can make a personal cheese pizza for $1.20 (60¢ for half serving). I get flour for 99¢ for a 5-lb. bag a Kroger twice a year. I found yeast packets on sale, 3/99¢. I get cheese for 99¢ for 8 oz., less a 42¢ coupon. Add some olive oil and sauce.

I once got a crazy deal on Tombstone pizza you will probably never see again, but deals happen on a regular basis, so you’ll probably get another deal like this on something else in your area. That’s how Smart Shopping works. Keep your eyes open and you’ll keep finding these rare deals without having to jump through hoops.

Kroger sells Tombstone for about $4. Kroger had a special, 2/$4. They also had a digital coupon, buy 2 Tombstone pizzas, get $2 off, so I got 2 pizzas for $2, or $1 each! If I had found a manufacturer’s coupon, I might have got the pizzas for free, but that’s taking advantage of a loophole in the system and is obnoxious.

Recently, I got two of Kroger’s fresh deli-made pizzas for $2.50 each (on manager’s special).

Because they know I like Tombstone, Kroger occasionally sends me a coupon for a free pizza to get me into the store.

Another nice, but repeating deal, is Publix soda. They regularly put their 99¢, 2-liter bottles of Publix soda on BOGO, so it’s 50¢ a bottle, giving me a drink for 9¢. Sometimes, they offer a $1 off soda if you buy three bottles, lowering the cost of a 2-liter bottle of soda to 17¢!

I think they might have figured out that brain fart, because I haven’t seen that deal for a while.

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