3 Spaghetti dinners – 89¢

Cheap spaghetti dinner

Lidl spaghetti dinner

Lidl pasta dinner

The top picture (with canned tuna) features all items from Kroger. The bottom two four-course meals (with meatballs and Italian sausage) come from Lidl. Swapping out a couple of items from Kroger, the two Lidl dinners would have been even cheaper.

  • pasta
  • tomato sauce
  •  canned tuna
  • salad w/dressing
  • bread
  • milk

I never pay more than 50¢ for a box of pasta – even brand name pasta. I usually find jars of pasta sauce for 99¢.

Ronzoni has been running a special several times per year for 49¢ per box if you buy 6 or 10 boxes. I buy that and I’m good for the year.

I used to be able to get Ragu, Prego and Classico for 99¢ a jar several times each year, but haven’t seen that for a while, so I buy Hunt’s canned sauce or Kroger’s house brand for 99¢.

The tuna adds a lean source of protein and is much less expensive than ground beef.

10¢ – tuna (49¢ can divided by 5)

10¢ – pasta (49¢ box divided by 5)

20¢ – tomato sauce (99¢ jar divided by 5)

19¢ – 12 oz. milk ($1.99 gallon)

20¢ – salad (99¢ head of lettuce divided by 8; 99¢ bottle of dressing)

10¢ – garlic bread

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