Sample Meals & Costs

UPDATE for 2022: You will probably not get these prices, due to the current inflation situation.

However, remember the CONCEPT of this website – if you smart-shop, you will STILL be able to cut your food costs 25% – 50% using these techniques. I am still finding crazy food deals at Kroger, Lidl, Aldi, etc.

In the column on the right are some meals I eat at very low costs. If you click on each link, you’ll see the different costs I’d pay if I paid full price, bargain price and with smart shopping. The prices on each picture are the Smart Shopping costs and an explanation of how I got them.

bacon, eggs yogurt

Plan on paying a little less than the Bargain cost for most of your meals. The Smart Shopping costs include some one-time deals, such as manager’s specials, dented cans, etc. But, you’ll run into those quite often in your area, so you’ll pay a little less than the Bargain cost of each meal when you average in your Smart Shopping deals.

chicken lunch

The difference between the Bargain and Smart Shopping cost is not huge. You should be able to eat for less than $5 each day at the Bargain cost for each meal.

hot dogs carrots

waffles and eggs

bbq chicken lunch

ham and eggs

Cheap soup

franks and beans

Lidl spaghetti dinner