*Full-day meals and snacks

2024 Update

I re-did this for 2024 using mostly full-priced items and a few manager’s specials – no coupons. The 2024 price came to $3.58! That sounds odd, based on how much the other meal prices at this site have increased, but I have updated the prices on the different meal pages on this site.

At worst, you should not have to pay $4 for this table of food – that’s HALF the daily SNAP allotment for a single person in Georgia

The point is, it’s easy to eat like this for roughly $4 if you smart-shop.

By the way – the SNAP Challenge is not realistic

With the SNAP Challenge, you are supposed to buy food for one week on your food stamp budget. That doesn’t make sense. People on food stamps don’t receive their benefits for only one week.

Therefore, they should be buying in bulk – even if that means just buying six boxes of pasta to get them for 49¢ per box instead of $1.25 per box. If you guy a jar of instant tea, that’s going to last you for a month. What single person eats an entire loaf of bread per week?

Read the information on this website to learn how to eat very well for less than $4 per day.