*Pizza lunch – 85¢ – $2.09

2024 Update

homemade pizza

The best I’m finding frozen pizza for in 2024 is about $3 each. That’s Kroger’s $2.99 Red Baron pizza (repeating sale) or Publix Tombstone BOGOs. If you make your own pizza using a pizza crust mix and 99¢ per jar sauce, you can make it even cheaper.

Around holidays and sporting events, you can find generic soda cheap (Kroger had 6 packs leading up to Memorial Day weekend at 99¢.

Pizza and soda

  • 1/2, frozen pizza or full personal pizza
  • glass of soda

Pizza, salad, milk

  • 1/2, frozen pizza or full personal pizza
  • Salad with dressing
  • 12 oz. milk

1.23¢ to $1.50 – 1/2 a pizza (Walmart personal pizza vs. 1/2 Red Baron or Tombstone)

40¢ – salad

17¢ – Soda

19¢ – 8 oz. glass of milk

6¢ – iced tea

*I can make a cheese pizza for $1.60 (80¢ for half serving). I get flour for 99¢ for a 5-lb. bag a Kroger twice a year. I found yeast packets on sale, 3/99¢. I get cheese for 2.33¢ for 8 oz., less a coupon. Add some olive oil and sauce.

Recently, I got two of Kroger’s fresh deli-made pizzas for $2.50 each (on manager’s special).

Because they know I like Tombstone, Kroger occasionally sends me a coupon for a free pizza to get me into the store.

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