Pizza lunch

Pizza and soda

  • 1/2, 12″ veggie pizza (600 calories)
  • glass of soda

Pizza, salad, milk

  • 1/2, 12″ veggie pizza (600 calories)
  • Salad with dressing
  • 12 oz. milk

Smart-shopping cost = 59¢/$1.11

This is one of those crazy deals you will probably never get, and that I probably won’t get again, but these things happen on a regular basis, so you’ll probably get another deal like this on something else in your area. That’s how Smart Shopping works. Keep your eyes open and you’ll keep finding these rare deals without having to jump through hoops.

Tombstone pizzas are as much as $6 each at Publix, but Publix has regular BOGO sales, so you can get them for $3.Ocassionally, Tombstone runs coupons in the newspaper, reducing the price even more.

Kroger sells Tombstone for about $4. Kroger had a special, 2/$4. They also had a digital coupon, buy 2 Tombstone pizzas, get $2 off, so I got 2 pizzas for $2. If I had found a manufacturer’s coupon, I might have got the pizzas for free, but that’s taking advantage of a loophole in the system and is obnoxious.

Another nice, but repeating deal, is Publix soda. They regularly put their 99¢, 2-liter bottles of Publix soda on BOGO, so it’s 50¢ a bottle, giving me a drink for 9¢. Sometimes, they offer a $1 off soda if you buy three bottles, lowering the cost of a 2-liter bottle of soda to 17¢!

.50¢ – pizza

09¢ – Soda

23¢ – salad

38¢ – 12 oz. glass of milk

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