Chicken & pasta lunch

  • Chicken quarter (not pictured – actually larger!)
  • pasta with sauce
  • salad
  • iced tea

Smart-shopping cost: 58¢

Please check the other chicken dinners for a better photo of the larger chicken quarter. I just had this piece of fried chicken handy.

Kroger recently had their Heritage Farms chicken quarters on sale for $2.90 per bag (@29¢ per piece of chicken)!

These are usually $7.90 per bag, occasionally on sale for $5.90. You get 10 lbs., which often comes to 10 quarters (sometimes 9 to 11 pieces).

I wait until they are on sale for $3.90 or $4.90 per bag, then buy four bags and put the quarters into individual lunch bags (3 cents each) and freeze them. For this page, I used a price of .29 per quarter (doesn’t includes sandwich bag in case you make a whole bag of quarters for your family).

If you’re a Publix shopper, they put their $1.50 chicken quarters on BOGO. You pay half price, but still about .75 per pound per Kroger’s on-sale price of .29. From what I’ve seen on the Internet, the big buyer’s clubs don’t come close to Kroger’s price for some reason.

To learn how I got such inexpensive pasta, check out the Spaghetti Dinner post.

22¢ – chicken quarter

13¢ – pasta with sauce

20¢ – salad

3¢ – 12 oz. soda (or iced tea for 5¢)

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