Do I Need to Cook?

Oh, for God’s sake! Seriously?

Yes, you need to do some simple cooking (Can you use a can opener and put something in the microwave?), but you don’t have to be a great, or even a good cook to eat really, really well for less than $5 a day.

You’ll need to be able to open canned goods, add water to some prepared foods (like instance mashed potatoes), put a piece of chicken in your oven, use a microwave, and fry some eggs.

That’s about it.

The meal you see below takes about three minutes of preparation time and 30-40 minutes of cooking time — at most.

You just need to open two cans with a can opener and nuke the soup and green beans, add some hot water to the mashed potatoes and put the chicken in a heated oven for 35-40 minutes.

So no, you don’t have to be a cook to eat well for less than $5 a day, but you need to some simple cooking and heating of your foods.