Quesadillas with rice & beans

  • fajita quesadilla (onions, bell peppers, cheese)
  • Spanish or Mexican rice
  • refried beans
  • mashed avacado
  • salsa
  • iced tea

Smart-shopping cost: $1.18

Kroger had refried beans (normally 89¢ can) on sale for 79¢. If you bought three cans, you got $1.00 off, bringing the price per can down to 46¢ a can. I got three bell peppers (normally 78¢ each) for 99¢ in Kroger’s manager’s special sacks (they have different veggies each day, depending on what’s getting close to the sell-by date). Avocados can cost $1.78 each. Sprouts had them on sale for 3/$1.00. Publix had Pace salsa on sale for 99¢ a jar and accepted a 40¢ Kroger coupon (they don’t accept them any more), bringing the jar down to 60¢. If you have a garden, you have no cost for peppers, onions or whatever other veggies you want to add).

10¢ – flour tortilla (pictured is half a quesadilla)

17¢ – green pepper

9¢ – onions

15¢ – Mexican fiesta cheese

10¢ – refried beans

18¢ – avocado

5¢ – salsa

5¢ – iced tea

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