Veggie tacos

Ground beef tacos

  • veggie tacos
  • ground beef tacos
  • saffron yellow or brown rice
  • refried or black beans
  • plum
  • 12 oz. glass of soda
  • glass of water

Full-price cost:

Bargain cost:

Smart-shopping cost: 90¢/$1.67

This is a good example of Smart Shopping vs. Bargain prices. Publix sells Old El Paso dinner kits for $3.15 each. I waited until they were on BOGO, getting them for $1.58 each. PUBLIX ran an Old El Paso digital coupon for $1 off the purchase of three OEP products. I then used a Kroger 75¢ coupon for a final cost of 99¢ per dinner kit. I also bought Bush’s vegetarian black beans for 24¢ a can (99¢ sale + a 75¢ Bush coupon). I got a 2-liter bottle of soda for 37.5¢ (Publix 75¢ store brand on BOGO). I got a 5 lb. roll of ground beef at $1.99 lb, and got 12 servings per pound.

10¢ – tortillas, seasoning mix and picante sauce

42¢ – ground beef per taco

20¢ – veggies per taco

20¢ – yellow saffron rice or brown rice

10¢ – cheese

6¢ – black beans

12¢ – refried beans

56¢ – plum

7¢ – 12 oz. glass of soda

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