Sausage Jambalaya – 88¢

Sausage jambalaya


So, prices are higher during the pandemic. However, I am finding milk at Aldi and Kroger at $1.39 and $2.49 per gallon. I am finding house-brand jambalaya and red beans and rice for 28 cents to 33 cents per serving (I found half-price Tony Chachere’s for 17 per serving). Kroger is now selling $1.00, 9-oz. sausage.

Zatarain’s is $1.79 at Kroger right now (1/21), so I buy it at Publix when it’s BOGO. However, I can get the house brand at Aldi’s for $1.45 and $1.39 at Lidl.

I wait for deals on sausage and then buy a bunch of them and freeze them ($1.00 for 9 oz at Kroger right now).

  • Zatarain’s jambalaya (or red beans and rice)
  • sausage
  • baby carrots
  • canned tomatoes
  • corn bread
  • salad w/dressing
  • iced tea

Sausage is frequently $1.88 to $1.99 at Kroger, with or without a coupon. (which comes frequently from Kroger). I recently stocked up and froze Heritage Farms smoked sausage for $1 (9 oz.).

I dice and freeze the sausage in a Tupperware container and then anytime I want jambalaya or red rice and beans,, I can toss in a handful of sausage and/or a chicken breast. I also add canned tomatoes and baby carrots (sometimes this is enough and you don’t need meat).

Zatarain’s says a small box contains five servings. If I add meat and carrots and serve with cornbread, a salad and a drink, that’s a good lunch.

You can add chicken for another 15¢ – 25¢ per serving.

88¢ Per Serving (@ 5 servings per box)

28¢-33¢ – Jambalaya (or red beans and rice) mix

15¢-20¢ – sausage

11¢ – baby carrots (coupon or not)

8¢ – canned tomatoes (59¢ can with 20¢ coupon)

27¢ – salad

9¢-20¢ – corn bread

7¢ – iced tea

17¢-31¢ – milk (16 oz. glass)

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