Spaghetti dinner

OK, it’s mostaccioli, but the price is the same for spaghetti, fettucini, shells, penne, etc.

  • pasta
  • tomato sauce
  •  chunk-light tuna in the sauce
  • salad w/dressing
  • bread
  • milk

Full-price cost:

Bargain cost:

Smart-shopping cost: 65¢

I never pay more than 50¢ for a box of pasta – even brand name pasta like Ronzoni or Mueller’s. I usually find jars of store brand pasta sauce for 99¢. I recently found Mueller’s pasta on BOGO at Publix ($1.47 box / 2 = 74¢). At the same time, Publix had a digital coupon for $1 off for a box of Mueller’s pasta, so I actually could have made a net 24¢ “profit” from the promotion. However, I took advantage of the sale and bought two boxes for 47¢ total. The same week, Publix had Ragu sauce on BOGO and a digital coupon for $1 off two jars, so my final cost was 60¢ a jar. I get five servings from a box of pasta and jar of spaghetti sauce, so each serving was only 17¢ before tax.

Above full price: $3.66

Above full price: $7.32

The prices below are based on a 50¢ box of pasta and a 40¢ can of Kroger tomato sauce. That sauce if pretty thin (almost like soup), but for a working mom who wants to feed her kids inexpensively, it’s not bad. The tuna adds a lean source of protein and is much less expensive than ground beef.

10¢ – tuna

5¢ – pasta

8¢ – tomato sauce

19¢ – 12 oz. milk

20¢ – salad

3¢ – bread

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